Manual Paper Cutting Machine Heavy Duty Four Slots

Manual Paper Cutting Machine Heavy Duty Four Slots

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    We manufacture best quality of Manual Paper Cutting Machine for Printers. Binders and Box Makers. The Cutting efficiency is accurate and production capacity of Machine is high. It cuts accurate and right angel cutting. Machine is used for Notebooks Cutting and Binding, Board and Box Cutting, Cardboard Cutting, Wedding and visiting card cutting and can cut all type of similar and other materials also. The cutting blade is heavy duty and adjustable. Machine’s working is very simple and easy to operate.

    Manual Paper Cutting Machine Features

    • Paper Cutting Machine Four Slots ROYAL Brand.
    • Heavy Duty Four Slots Body.
    • Double Slots (Grooves) on Plate.
    • Can be run with and without motor both.
    • Right angel cutting.
    • Two Cutting Blades (As one with Machine and one extra).
    • Motor is optional.
    • Cutting blade adjustable and sharpable.
    • Handle for manual cutting.
    • The back gauge slides in a square groove, ensuring smooth cross cutting.
    • Steel Parts are bright chrome nickel plated, ensuring looks as well as longevity.
    • Manual Paper Cutting Machine also know as Simple Paper Cutting Machine and Ordinary Paper Cutting Machine.

    Technical Specifications

    SizePileCutsPower (H.P)Floor Space
    26″4″8157″ x 51″
    32″4.5″61.565″ x 60″
    36″4.5″6270″ x 65″
    46″5″6282″ x 72″
    48″5″6358″ x 78″
    52″5″6398″ x 90″

    Accessories Included

    One Extra Cutting Knife, One Screw Driver, One Oil Can, One Cutting Stick, Two Wrenches.

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