Book Stitching Machine Power Operated (Vicker Model)

Book Stitching Machine Power Operated (Vicker Model)

Notebooks Stitching Machine, Notebooks Pinning Machine, Copy Stitching Machine, Stapler Machine, Binding Machine


    • Power Operated Book Stitching Machine (Vicker Model) is made from high quality Iron, Steel and Casting. Centre Stitch/Side Stitch.
    • Best Quality machine and Output for Pinning/Stitching on Notebooks, Copies, Pamphleteer, Catalogs, Books Etc.
    • Parts of Machine are Standard Size. Easily Operated by Power. Available Sizes of Machine 5/8″, 1″, 1- 1/4″, 1-1/2″

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    Technical Specifications

    SizeStitch Speed/MinuteStitching CapacityMotorWire
    5/8″1802-170 Sheets1 HP26 SWG – 20 SWG
    1″1802-300 Sheets1 HP24 SWG – 20 SWG
    1/41802-350 Sheets1 HP24 SWG – 18 SWG
    1/21802-400 Sheet1 HP24 SWG – 18 SWG

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