A3 Paper Rim Cutter

A3 Paper Rim Cutter

A3 Paper Rim cutter used For Cutting of Printed Sheets, Bill Books, Study Books, Notebooks, Visiting Cards even Fabrics and other materials.



    This is Small Table Top Paper Cutter. Size A3 Heavy Duty, It can cut 400-500 Sheets or more with the help of pressure clamp and big cutting handle on machine. Very cost-effective and less space occupying cutter. Best Quality product Fast Delivery.

    A3 Paper Rim Cutter Features And Specification

    Size – A3+, 17.7 inch

    Cutting Capacity – 400-500 sheets in one time

    Weight – 22 KG

    Blade – Re sharp able And Extra Blade Also Available

    Stick – Also Available

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