Notebook Making Machinery Model No. 3

Notebook Making Machinery Model No. 3

Premium High Production Model, Automatic Grade, Automatic Notebook Making


    This Model is High Productive model to manufacture Notebooks/School Copies/Excercise Notebooks etc.Basically this unit contains 3 machines that is Notebook Paper Cutting Machine, Notebook Automatic Stitching Machine and Notebook Edge Squaring Machine or Back Squaring Machine.

    1. Notebook Manual Paper Cutting Machine

    This machine is used to cut the Notebook Papers and Sheets into smaller sizes and accurate sizes.This is Heavy Duty Machine. Cut the paper into different sizes according to size of Notebooks.Notebook edges are cut into perfect accurate shape on this machine.Machine can be operated both Manual and with Motor(Power Operated). However one more model of Paper Cutting Machine with Auto Clamp System for fast running of machine is also available on some extra cost.

    2. Notebook Automatic Stitching Machine

    This machine is used to Stitch or Pin the Notebooks.Foot lever is given on right side down of the machine to pin the Notebooks. This is very fast and High productive Machine with very high stitching speed. it is also called Power Operated Notebook Pinning Machine or Wire Stitching Machine. This is Power Operated Machine the run with Motor. It can Pin in Centre and Side both. Centre/Side Stitch adjustable table. Different types and guages of wire can be used according to thickness of Notebooks. Thick and Thin wires can be used and different cutting sets for thick/thin wires are given extra with machine. Machine stroke pressure is adjustable according to Notebook size with help of hand wheel that is given on downside or upside of Machine.


    3. Notebook Edge Squaring Machine

    This Machine is used to give Square Shapes to the back end of the Notebooks. This Automatic Fully Hydraulic and PLC Controlled Machine perfectly press the bundle of Notebooks and rollers run on the downside of Notebooks and Backend of the Notebooks are perfectly shaped and finished.This Heavy Duty Machine is also called Back Pressing Machine. Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder System controlled by PLC Programming. Run by Pannel Switches on front side of Machine or by foot switch or Automatic.

    These all are basic machines required to manufacture notebooks etc. Cutting Machine Motor is optional. Additional machines for Spiral Notebooks and packing of Notebooks are also available.


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